The event ticketing revolution is here

The blockchain-based platform that connects event organizers to ticket buyers and enables them to sell and buy event tickets using crypto-tokens.
Use the Eventboost Blockchain Ticketing Platform
to sell fraud-proof tickets for your events.
Use the EVA Tokens to buy and resell securely
event tickets without additional charges.


August 6th, 2018
at 09:00AM CET

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The Eventboost Platform is fully operational since 2015, serving over 160 regular customers in 28 countries.
Eventboost helps Event Professionals and Companies all over the world organize successful and unforgettable events more efficiently and effortlessly.
The Eventboost Event Management Platform

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Eventboost will revolutionize the ticketing market with the launch of the
The Eventboost Blockchain Ticketing Platform EVENTBOOST BLOCKCHAIN TICKETING PLATFORM
The most secure and efficient blockchain-based platform to sell fraud-proof, smart contract tickets for b2b and b2c events.
Through our Open API infrastructure, EBT will also provide solutions for other kinds of tickets, including flight, train, bus, and museum tickets.
The EVA Token Eventboost wants the EVA Token to become the most adopted token to buy and sell tickets online, minimizing transaction costs and maximizing efficiency.
Eliminate credit card rates Event organizers will be directly connected with ticket buyers, gaining total control of the entire ticket sale process, and eliminating insane convenience fees. Forever!
Fraud-proof tickets Ticket buyers will use EVA Tokens to purchase fraud-proof tickets, and securely resell them on the secondary market.

Problems vs. Solutions

With EBT, tickets are issued using smart contracts, so that they cannot be counterfeited or sold to multiple customers, and the blockchain verifies tickets ownership.
Proof of ownership SCALPERS WON'T GET YOU!
Organizers can finally decide whether and how tickets can be resold on the secondary market, setting price and markup value.
The Eventboost Blockchain Ticketing Platform will enable event organizers to transfer collected payments to their bank account instantly.
No credit card fees NOW TICKET BUYERS PAY

EVA Tokens can be used to purchase and resell tickets securely, without money transfer fees and "convenience fees" added at the checkout.

Smart contracts ensure the transparency of all transactions, providing all players involved a full control of the whole ticket lifecycle.

With our GDPR compliant Privacy Solution, ticket buyers have full control of their personal data, deciding who can handle it, which data can be used, and for how long.

The EVA Token Sale

€ 1,000,000
Soft Cap
€ 14,000,000
Hard Cap

The Basics

Token Symbol: EVA
Token Type: ERC20
Jurisdiction of Issuance: Switzerland
Legal qualification: Hybrid token (utility and payment token)
Total Token supply: 1,000,000,000
Initial distribution (Tokens for sale): 500,000,000
Token price: € 0.04
Soft cap: € 1,000,000
Hard cap: € 14,000,000
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Token Distribution

Token Sale: 50%
Internal Reserve Fund: 35%
Team, Partners, Long Term Retention: 8%
Launch Costs: 4%
Advisors: 3%

Product Development Roadmap

Launch a blockchain-based event management system, with a token and ticket wallet.
Ready at the end of ICO

Launch of the blockchain-based ticketing systems, with ticket wallet and GDPR compliant privacy management solution.
PMS GDPR Privacy Solution: Q2 2019
EBT Extended Platform and Wallet: Q4 2019

Develop and launch the Open API Infrastructure and offering our solution to all the ticket vendors. Create and launch the Event App Platform.
Open API Infrastructure: Q2 2020
Event App Platform: Q4 2020

Develop and launch an Event Services Marketplace, to enable our customers to buy partner services and products integrated with our platform (event apps, insurance, and much more), giving all players the right compensation using smart contracts.
Technology: Q4 2019
Launch: Q2 2020

Our Partners


Management Team

Franco Bondi
Franco Bondi
Group Managing Director
After graduating with a degree in Economics in 1991, Franco spent several years working in sport marketing and later in political communication. He founded his first startup - Quadrante - one of the first Italian digital agencies, where he held the role of Chairman and CEO until March 2014. In the last 15 years, he founded and managed several digital Companies, including: Web Marketing Tools, Jakala, Kangaroo, +Plugg and Eventboost. He has successfully completed 3 exits. Many years of Experience as external professor at the Bologna University (1991-1999) with a seminar named “The impact of new technologies on Company Organization”. He continues teaching in areas of Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation.
Antonio Fernè
Antonio Fernè
Originally from Bologna, Italy, Antonio is the founder and current Chief Operating Officer of Eventboost. Once graduated in Business and Economics, he became a Chartered Account and specialized as Auditor, working internationally for prestigious tax consulting firms. In 1996, his passion for technology and faith in the emerging role of innovative digital solutions, led him to found Quadrante, one of the first Italian digital agencies where he undertook the position of General Manager until March 2014. Over the past fifteen years, Antonio has specialized in digital marketing and SaaS product development, gaining experience in communication, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and marketing automation. He is passionate about Startup and innovative software-based solutions.
Corrado Del Fanti
Corrado Del Fanti
Chief Marketing Officer
Corrado has extensive experience as an international manager of marketing and communication in the world of luxury goods. After graduating with a degree in Political Sciences, majoring in International Economics, Corrado began his career at Saatchi & Saatchi. He then moved to the Corporate world – motor vehicles, fashion and luxury yachts – where he occupied various posts in several multinationals, such as: Honda, Volvo, Ferretti Yachts, Azimut Benetti, and Santoni. He has been teaching Luxury Management at Milan’s Cattolica University and at Rome’s Luiss University, as well as at the business school of the Il Sole 24 Ore daily newspaper. He is an innate networker, intriguing and sensitive to excellence.
Luigi Tenti
Luigi Tenti
Born in the brilliant Romagna, he now lives in Bologna where he started his career in 1998 with a solid degree in Computational Engineering. When the Internet is still a newly born baby, Luigi is a junior programmer at Quadrante, one of the first digital agency in Italy, where he immediately reveals his execution capacity, his analysis and problem-solving attitudes and his technology centric personality. So, in just a few years he qualifies himself for the CTO position. It’s him who loves good things, an excellent red wine that makes all things appear friendlier, it’s him to gain a civic honor medal and it’s him the one who love exceeding performance – a brave plunge to save a life or powerful software architecture.
Sabrina Mastalli
Sabrina Mastalli
Customer Care Manager
She shares her life between Switzerland and Italy, carrying the suitcase of 20 years of multifaceted experience in media and digital authoring, from old fashioned Jaka books to video and film post-production, from web to apps, being a product specialist for high-end editing and digital effects at Quantel, Discreet Logic, Softimage. She has given production support to customers all over Europe and while member of the Digital Studio user interface experience team, and she has lived in Montreal. She volunteers and manages programs of community engagement in West Africa for BBC and other international organizations with an educational background in Literature and Philosophy and a recent specialization in Media Anthropology at the Cambridge University. She loves very human projects dressed in technology.
Francesco Prandoni
Francesco Prandoni
CEO Eventboost Inc.
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, split between Italy and the States since ever, Francesco plays without hesitation his distinctive role in senior positions at large corporations where he gives his valuable contribution as a manager in procurement and logistics. He finally settles down in New Jersey, and in 1999 he establishes Doc International, an international company devoted to corporate meetings for the pharmaceutical industry. 20 years of entrepreneurial activity, marketing, sport management, an intense experience spread all over for also pure passion. It’s a never-ending activity to orchestrate and manage everybody’s vital events. He is currently the CEO of Eventboost Inc.
Stefano Rocca
Stefano Rocca
Director of Business Development NCSA
Originally from Rome, Italy, Stefano moved to New York in 2014. Graduated in Political Science, with a major in International Relations, he is the Head of Business Development at Eventboost USA since 2016. Stefano is a blockchain enthusiast, passionate about innovative digital products, and a true technology believer, with experience in B2B and B2C sales, SaaS products development, and market growth strategy. His innate ability in contract negotiation and sales motivation facilitated the company expansion in North, Central, and South America. Stefano’s 15+ years in the Scout Movement played a crucial role in his education and the development of his leadership skills.
Michele De Buono
Michele De Buono
Chief Blockchain Technology Officer
Michele is the CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder of Scai Lab Srl (80+ employees, SCAI Group subsidiary company). He is a blockchain early adopter and enthusiast, with experience in the ICT Innovation environment, specifically applied to Fashion, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain (15+ years). His solid performance track records in turnaround and start-up projects, specifically on e-commerce and cybersecurity fields, make him as one of the most innovative and respectful executives in Europe. He is Senior Partner at Italian Cybersecurity District in Cosenza, Italy in collaboration with Poste Italiane (Specialties: Brand Protection, Mobile Security, Identity Management), and also co-founder of an early stage startup – Inzhoop – that developed the first mobile light wallet for the Ethereum blockchain.


Federico Zambelli Hosmer
Federico Zambelli Hosmer
General Manager, PayPal Italia
Federico is the General Manager of PayPal Italy since February 2017. Graduated in Business and Administration, with a 24-month Executive MBA at the University of Bologna, Federico has a strong background in marketing, ePayment, and business development. Before joining PayPal, he has been working for leading companies operating in both the payment and the financial sector such as Compass Spa, and CRIF Group. During eight years at PayPal, Federico has also covered critical executive positions as Head of Market Development in Italy, and Head of Small and Medium Businesses for Western Europe in Paris. His result-driven attitude focused on customers’ satisfaction has contributed to the company expansion in Europe. He is passionate about new business challenges, starting from scratch in innovative scenarios.
Piero Crivellaro
Piero Crivellaro
VP Public Policy - SE Europe, MasterCard
Piero is an expert on European legislation and public policy in the fields of e-commerce, data protection and financial services. He has worked across financial services, banking and electronic payment regulation and is involved in regulatory and political discussions around blockchain, cryptocurrencies and financial technology. He has been recently appointed by Digital Europe as issue leader on blockchain technology.
Antonio Allegra
Antonio Allegra
Italian Mkt Director Stickers & Cards, Panini
Antonio is working in the Panini Group since 1993. He has strong experience in Marketing and licensing management of sport, entertainment and educational products (sticker and trading card collections, etc.) linked to the media strategy and plan. He managed for the Company Partnerships and co-marketing operations, Institutional and PR activities, Statistical analysis of market trends and economic models. He founded and directed for 10 years the new media department following for the Group the Internet and wireless applications development on an international basis.
Eyal Oster
Eyal Oster
President, Mobile Bridge
Eyal is one of MobileBridge’s co-founders and today as President, he continues to drive the company’s overall vision and strategy. Eyal has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles in both software and hardware companies and start-ups. These include aiPixel in which he led the development of the Nasa space shuttle solid state flight recorder program and won the ‘Partner of the Year’ award for the International Space Station video compression program, and Ai-Tech which was sold to Stern group. Blockchain Investor and enthusiast, he is speaker in many blockchain related conferences and meetings.
Riccardo Pozzi
Riccardo Pozzi
International Relation Advisor
Graduated in International Law, Riccardo is one of the Eventboost advisors since 2017. In January 2018, he was appointed as OSCE Special Representative on Youth and Security. Together with his colleagues, he advises the Chairperson-in-Office on youth policy issues and the impact of blockchain and new technologies on Security. He has previously worked as Advisor to the Chairman of the Italian Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, and he is also Professor at the School of Governance and Politics of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of the Russian Federation (MGIMO University). Beyond his work, he is also Junior Fellow of the Aspen Institute, founder of the Transatlantic Youth Summit, and Program Director at the Centre for Eurasian Studies.
Matteo De Brabant
Matteo De Brabant
CEO, Jakala Group
Graduated in Business Administration in 1998 at the Luigi Bocconi, University of Milan, with major in Economics and Commerce. Matteo began his professional career at Alcatel, working for the marketing headquarter in Belgium. In 2000, he founded Jakala, which later became Jakala Group, a major shareholder of Seri Jakala, currently the leading company in Italy and among the first European players in the “Martech”, with over 150 million revenues. In 2003, he founded Arimo Cooperativa Sociale, a non-profit Organization with the aim of opening an educational community for minors and creating new and concrete paths of support for economic, educational and social autonomy, for adolescents (aged 14-18) in difficulty. In 2012, he was one of the founding partners of Alkemy SpA recently went public at the Italy AIM Stock Exchange.
Youngsook Park
Youngsook Park
Professor and Blockchain - AI Futurist
Professor Youngsook Park is teaching Futures Studies at Design Graduate School – Ewha Women’s University. Actually she is highly involved in global blockchain initiatives and among others: Korea Chair at Global Woman in Blockchain, Co-Chair at Global Blockchain AI Council, Co-Chair at Global ICO Association, Korea Chair at Bitnation. She focused her research activities on blockchain and AI assessing the impact of these technologies on our present and future society. As Chief Editor at BlockchianAI News in Seoul Korea ( she writes on a daily base article on different arguments related to the Blockchain – AI world.
Youngsook Park
Maja Vujinovic
CEO, OGroup
Maja is committed to a future where innovative technologies such as blockchain and AI enhance and support the global human experience. As CEO of OGroup, Maja focuses on investing in technologies and advising companies looking to innovate with applications of emerging tech that are driving disruption in business models. In her previous role as Chief Innovation Officer of Emerging Tech & Future of Work at General Electric, Digital, she drove change in one of the world’s largest technology companies. Maja spearheaded company-wide innovation around legacy systems and how blockchain could aid in development of agile business processes and anticipate market changes, minimizing investment risk.
Federico Zambelli Hosmer
Richard Zoni
Partner, ICO Legal Advisor
Richard is a Senior executive for Cybersecurity, Crypto and Blockchainholds companies. Richard holds a degree in computer science and brings more than 15 years of experience as Senior Executive in Business Development. Richard is a Big Believer in Bitcoin and Blockchain and a Crypto Investor. He has an extensive experience in sales management roles at organizations including Nozomi Networks, Amazon Web Services, VASCO Data Security, Itway.